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Agri-food : Polyform Concept Métal works with stainless steel and galvanized steel to create conveyors, tanks, frames, walkways, secondary work furniture, casing, etc.

We work for our clients in the poultry, fish processing and vegetable industries.

Our assets : The certainty for our customers that our intervention teams on their site are experienced in hygiene and safety rules as well as the values of Polyform Concept Métal : KNOW-HOW, INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, COMMITMENT


Industry: Polyform Concept Métal carries out mechanical welding operations and boilermaking work. From its workshops come walkways, conveyors and metal frames. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum are worked by our production teams. Polyform Concept Métal is a company recognized for its maintenance activity of industrial, agricultural, public works equipment, etc.


We equip automobile factories, assembly industries and special machines. We work with paper mills, foundries, packaging factories as well as the wind power sector. 


Our assets : Our company leads a proactive policy of certification of our welders and validation of QMOS (Welding Operational Mode Qualification) via the Veritas organisation.

Naval construction

Naval construction : Polyform Concept Métal carries out numerous projects and works for the naval industry, wether civil or military. Ducts, coamings, carling, guardrails, partitions, planking, mechanically welded structures, are all parts and fields of intervention that the company can offer to its customers.

The company's professionel know-how is today recognized by a large clientele of civil and military shipyards, as well as the waterways. 

Our assets : Our company leads a proactive policy of certification of our welders and validation of QMOS (Welding Operational Mode Qualification) via the Veritas organisation.

Fitting metalwork

Metalwork, locksmithing and decoration

Polyform Concept Métal also offers its mastery of working with materials for metalwork, locksmithing and decoration services.

From its workshops come staircases, walkways, guardrails, glass roofs but also exterior design elements such as gates and walkways, furniture and decoration. 


Our assets : the combination of materials such as steel, wood and glass with raw, varnished or powder-coated finishes. The company also carries out metallization or galvanizing operations.  Architects, developers, landscapers and individuals already trust us.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

We will combine our experience and the professionel know-how of our design office to best meet your needs.

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